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West Place Subdivision, Greenmeadows

The project required the installation of new sewer and water infrastructure at the West Place subdivision in Greenmeadows, Napier.

First up was the discovery of existing services that were not on the plans. Avoiding a clash between these and the new services meant plans had to be amended, the new services redesigned, and parts of the job re-priced. Drainways assisted council with a number of ideas throughout the rethinking process, including a purpose-designed bypass manhole.

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An old leaking water main that had soaked the ground from 100mm below the surface caused the trench to collapse in the midst of installing a 450mm concrete water pipe. After excavating a wider trench and using pumps to move excess water, the team worked quickly to install the new pipes and complete the job ahead of further slumping in the trench.

A very tight right of way close to an existing fence allowed no swing area for our excavators and there was a real possibility the fence would collapse. Using a 13 tonne zero swing excavator and a smaller 5 tonne machine, the team dug the trench and put in a massive effort to install 70 metres of 300mm stormwater pipe in one day – minimising the time the trench was open and preventing the fence from falling in.

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John Smith / Hastings District Council

Project Specifics
  • Project Scale: Medium
  • Project Timeline: July 2018 – October 2018
  • Budget: $350,000
  • Disciplines: Project Management
Site Prep
3-Water Services
Drinking Water

Frimley Park Water Treatment Plant, Hastings

Drinking Water

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Links Road Roundabout Drainage, Hastings


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West Place Subdivision, Greenmeadows

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