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About Us

Drainways is a Hawke’s Bay family-owned business started in 1976.

We’re a tight-knit team that believes in professional service and old-fashioned values: we do what we say we’ll do and our word is our bond.

Our track record of high calibre workmanship, thinking on our feet and willingness to do whatever is needed to complete projects within set timeframes and budgets has made us a trusted partner of councils and local bodies, as well as large industrial and commercial interests.

If you have a drainage or water project you would like to discuss, please contact Mark Currie on 021 220 1382, or email: mark@drainways.co.nz

Forging a Reputation

Like the projects we usually do – which are below ground – that’s what you could say about us as a business, that we’ve operated out of the spotlight, but now we’re front and centre.

Mark Currie / Drainways Director



Drainways Company Profile

Who we are

Meet the Drainways Team


Owen Currie

Owen established Drainways in 1976 after buying the company he had worked for since 1970. He soon established a reputation as an honest, friendly, and professional drain layer and machinery operator. Owen enjoys helping out wherever he can and his vast experience makes him the go-to source of wisdom and advice for everyone in the company.

Managing Director

Mark Currie

Mark took over the company in 2005, and has grown it from a one man team with one truck and digger to now a 30+ strong team with a full fleet of machines including trucks, hydrovacs, excavators and more. With over 20 years of experience with the industry, clients and local contractors, Mark has grown the company to take on a wide range of projects, in both the drainage and civil sectors.

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Overseeing the Sales and Marketing areas of the business, he ensures the alignment between building client/customer relations and brand promotion while driving revenue growth and market expansion.


Brendan Currie

Like all the brothers, Brendan grew up on the tools and progressed to the digger cab and later on moved to the office. Rejoining the team in 2019 after successfully building and selling his own business, Brendan brings a passion for accurate reporting and streamlining processes. Now, he oversees all finance-related matters, including budgeting, investments, payroll, and financial reporting.

Operations & Resource Manager

Carlton Currie

Growing up on the tools and in the trench, Carlton loves getting his hands dirty and solving technical problems in the field. Operating in the contracting and drainage industry for over 18 years, he brings invaluable experience and knowledge to the Drainways team. Progressing over the years from Drainlayer to Site Manager, Project Manager and now Operations and Resources Manager for the whole company, Carlton ensures every team and job site is fully equipped.

Contracts Manager

Matthew Donk

Matthew Donk is a pretty relaxed kind of guy. He’s been with Drainways for just over 2 years, having spent many years working as a project delivery manager for one of the big guys of civil contracting.  Matthew wanted the best of both worlds – the opportunity to grow his career – but without the hectic hours he had been working so he could spend more time with his wife and four children.

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“I worked crazy hours and probably didn’t get the opportunities I wanted to grow my career.

He joined Drainways as an estimator but has since been promoted to contracts manager – a role that is quite broad and puts many of his skills and experience to good use.

With a bit more time on his hands, Matthew has been able to spend his weekends working on his own projects – such as renovating the family home and also undertaking his own ‘Amazing Spaces’ inspired project of refitting an old 1970s caravan.

The bright yellow caravan, inspired by his wife Mel’s love of yellow, heads up to Lake Waikaremoana once a year for the family to enjoy some off-grid adventure.

Back at Drainways Matthew has been focussing on introducing more structure and processes to the business and project delivery.

“At Drainways I feel really valued. Management listen and if you come up with an idea they back it and let you run with it. You’re not a number, you’re a member of the team and are well supported.

Project Manager

Gerome Naera

Burly Gerome isn’t one to be crossed in his role as a resource manager, making sure no important equipment is lost on job sites. Despite his best efforts, he says the most common misplaced item are digger buckets and although there’s GPS on some equipment, he has had to come up with other tactics to keep track of items. People are also a vital resource, so Gerome keeps a close on eye on projects making sure the right team is on the job.

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Gerome isn’t one to shirk the heavy lifting and having previously worked as a drainlayer, he enjoys the opportunity to get back on the tools.

It also gives him a greater perspective of complex projects and problem solving.

“It doesn’t take too much for me to jump on the tools and back into the trenches.”

He enjoys getting physical – having played premier rugby for Napier Pirates, regularly going to the gym and he’s now coaching his son’s junior rugby team. He also enjoys supporting his daughter who plays rippa rugby.

When time allows, he likes to get out on one of his two Harley motorbikes, “I got one pretty cheap” he says pretty quickly just in case his wife read the bio, while he cooks a pretty mean brisket on the coal BBQ.

Jnr Project Manager

Deepak Viswanathan

Deepak Viswanatha has had a bit of luck on his side over the last couple of years.

He arrived in New Zealand from India to complete his Masters in Civil Engineering from Canterbury University just prior to the country being locked down and then he scored a great role with Drainways as a site manager/project manager.

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Deepak is from Kerala in south India with a population in excess of 30 million people. That’s pretty hard to fathom for many of his workmates who’ve lived in Hawke’s Bay, and its population of less than 200,000!

Although he worked on some large big construction projects such as bridges and large scale housing developments in India, he says that working on Drainways projects in Hawke’s Bay has been an upgrade in professionalism.

He arrived at the right time, with Drainways involved in the construction of water treatment and storage facilities and new networking for Hastings District Council.

He learnt the ropes of working in a New Zealand setting on the new Frimley storage facility before moving on to the world-leading Waiaroha Water and education facility next to the council’s main office complex.

“They’ve been great projects to be involved in and knowing that I played a role in their construction.

“It’s great to be involved with projects that are vital to the wellbeing of the community and safe drinking water is so important.”

As an avid photographer it’s likely he’ll proudly send some photos back to friends and family in India.

Deepak is collating an impressive portfolio of photos and Vlogs and has seen more of New Zealand than many kiwis.

“I’ve seen about 80 percent of the North Island and about 60 percent of the South Island.

He’s also enjoying the Hawke’s Bay lifestyle, with good weather and great scenery (to photograph) and spending time with friends that have moved to the region before him.

Project Manager

Matthew Matich

Matthew is the tall timber at Drainways. His height comes in handy as a medium pace bowler for his local cricket club, but his best performance is with the bat, scoring a century a few years back. His methodical approach to cricket has carried across to his role as a project manager, where he organises workflows, provides vital information and offers support to the front line teams.

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He says clear communication is vital as is being adaptive to the wide range of personalities on sites to get the best outcome for clients.

“I’m pretty laid back, which I think is a good trait to have when it comes to overseeing complex projects, there’s always a challenge that pops up, but that makes it rewarding.”

As you can guess sport is a big part of Matthew’s life. He loves watching any sport, but test match cricket is probably at the top of the list, while he tries to keep fit by running regularly. He’s also completed a couple of marathons.

There’s also plenty of time to spend with his two children – probably trying to get them to play cricket…

Site Manager

Ben Soofaatasi

Site Manager

Luke Fitzsimmons

Site Manager

Crawford Currie

Site Manager

Josh Bell

Site Manager

Peter Hamlin


Toby Jacksaathof

Toby is the talker in the office. In fact he’s pretty hard to keep quiet, saying he’s genuinely happy and interested in what makes people tick. “Some might say I’m socially awkward,” he quips. “But … I want to have a positive impact on people’s lives.” Although young, Toby has already had one major career change. As a youngster he used to brew Mead with his father, which led to a university scholarship and a double degree in wine making and viticulture at Waikato University.

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However the romance of wine making quickly wore off, realising that it might not be as much a rewarding career as he hoped.

Word got around that Toby was back in the Bay and looking for a new job. At the time he was back studying – towards a degree in environmental science, but jumped at the job offer. He has since completed his study extramurally.

With support from colleague Matthew Donk he has quickly learned the ropes of estimating and loves the mix of the role – working with suppliers to cost up projects, looking over plans and getting out onto site.


Celine Mabey

When it comes to working at Drainway’s there’s no “maybe’s” for our administrator Celine Mabey. So committed to her job and being part of the Drainways team sees Celine starting work at 4am, in an attempt to tackle a new phenomena in Hawke’s Bay – traffic queues (a fall out of the impact of Cyclone Gabrielle). For someone that rises early, surprisingly Celine is a HUGE fan of sleeping, so much so she says it’s a hobby, along with spending time cuddling up to her chihuahua called Moose and playing hockey.

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Obviously with Maybe as your last name, Celine bears the brunt of a few one liners – ‘maybe Celine’s here – not sure…” and “maybe she will do it…” 

As the only female in the office, that’s about as much flack as she’ll get as they all know she’s super organised.

“I’m the mum of the office and will boss the guys around. I’m not too scared to speak my mind,” she says with a laugh.

“I love my role at Drainways, providing administration support, dealing internally with my team mates as well as  meeting our many local clients and suppliers.


Owen Currie

Owen established Drainways in 1976 after buying the company he had worked for since 1970. He soon established a reputation as an honest, friendly, and professional drain layer and machinery operator. Owen enjoys helping out wherever he can and his vast experience makes him the go-to source of wisdom and advice for everyone in the company.

Managing Director

Mark Currie

Mark came straight to the family business after leaving school in 2001 and now wears many hats. As well as being MD, he is also responsible for HR and Finance. Mark leads from the front, lives by transparent principles and has instilled a commitment to quality workmanship throughout the company. His project experience has been a vital contributor to the success of Drainways.


Brendan Currie

Brendan has worked in the family business since leaving school in 1992. Having gained operational experience working at the coalface, he took over the management responsibility from Owen in 2001. As a director, he is now responsible for business development and is a keen advocate for the personal and professional development of the Drainways team.

Training, Health & Safety

Jaydon Currie

Jaydon has spent most of his career as a machine operator and site manager on Drainways projects. His practical and people skills combined with his on-the-job experience make him the ideal choice of Training Coordinator. Jaydon is charged with overseeing ongoing team training programmes across all areas of our business.

Project Manager

Carlton Currie

Carlton started at the bottom and has developed his knowledge through hard work and hands-on application. He loves water reticulation projects and thrives under pressure. In 2020, we finally managed to prise him out of the trenches to take a leadership role in managing projects. His no-nonsense approach and problem-solving abilities have become invaluable to our clients and project teams.

Office Administrator

Faraz Bi

Farnaz comes from Fiji and is a recent addition to the Drainways team. Faced with learning new systems, a heavy workload and working with multiple male personalities, she has stepped up to the challenge brilliantly and is proving herself as a more than capable right hand to Marianela.

Project Support

Jon Pal

John is the source of compliance and other information required throughout the life of a project. His role is to support the Project Managers with whatever they need to keep projects running smoothly – from H&S reporting and QA to ordering materials, as-built drawings and much more. John is very particular in what he does and can be depended on to provide information where and when it’s needed.

Office Manager

Marianela Guerra

Happy, honest, and hardworking is how we would describe Marianela. Originally from Argentina, she started with Drainways in 2016 and has seen many changes during that time. Marianela is big on detail, relishes a challenge and is a stickler for meeting deadlines. She loves the outdoors and spending time with her young family.

To find out more or you have a project requiring our expertise, then get in touch today