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Brooklands Subdivision Pump Station, Havelock North

Drainways was the main contractor to Development Nous Ltd to install a new pump station for the Brooklands Subdivision.

Feedback from Development Nous

Drainways, as lead contractor, demonstrated commitment to high standards and delivered good results within the project’s timeline, budget, and scope. In fact they performed with excellence during the construction of the Brooklands Subdivision Pump Station in Havelock North.

The project’s scale, required a range of disciplines, including sewer pumping station installation, deep excavation, bank stabilization, electrical works, SCADDA implementation, and concrete placement. Drainways showcased their experience in each of these areas, consistently demonstrating their professionalism, knowledge, and technical proficiency.

One notable aspect of Drainways’ work was their ground improvement area, which involved the installation of 300mm diameter timber poles spanning approximately 6 meters in length. This attention to detail ensured the stability and durability of the entire structure.

Throughout the project, Drainways exhibited professionalism, efficiency, and a commitment to quality. Their strong communication skills and ability to collaborate with other stakeholders, including Development Nous and the Hastings District Council, were instrumental in ensuring the successful completion of the pump station.

I would recommend Drainways for any future projects.

Olli Boaler, Project Manager, Development Nous Limited

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Additional project details:

  • Ground Improvement area including 300mm diameter timber poles at approx. 6m long
  • Excavation, installation and backfilling of wet well storage tanks. Storage area of approx. 358m3
  • The tanks were 2.3m in diameter and installed at 4m deep
  • Excavation, installation and backfilling of wet well. This was 2.3m diameter and approx. 5.3m deep
  • Installation of 2x sewer pumps inside the wet well and included guide rails and wiring
  • All pipe work and connection works between storage tanks, wet well and sewer reticulation into subdivision
  • Oder Pole from pump station
  • Flow meter and check valves including chambers
  • All electrical and SCADDA works from power to the pumps to connecting this to the Hastings Council System (this pump station will be controlled by HDC)
Client Feedback

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John Smith / Hastings District Council

Project Specifics
  • Project Scale: Medium
  • Project Timeline: Nov 2022 to July 2023
  • Budget: $900,000
  • Disciplines: Sewage Pumping Station
Deep Excavation
Bank Stabilisation
Electrical works
Concrete Placement
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