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Water and Drainage Systems That Last Long Into the Future

We’re a tight-knit team that believes in professional service and old-fashioned values: we do what we say we’ll do and our word is our bond.

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Drainways is a licensed Hawke’s Bay drainlaying and certified water reticulation company specialising in civil and commercial water and drainage systems.

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About Us


We’re a tight-knit team that believes in professional service and old-fashioned values: we do what we say we’ll do and our word is our bond

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Case Studies


View some of our recent work which highlights our approach to a given job and the end result and benefit to our clients.


We are licensed and certified professionals in drainlaying and water reticulation systems. Within and around Hawke’s Bay, we specialise in:

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As major weather events have become more frequent around the world, massive investment and research have gone into finding new ways to mitigate the effects of flooding and protect communities from extreme events in the future.

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Water reticulation systems

A safe and dependable water supply is vital to the health and well-being of our communities. That’s why Drainways is committed to ensuring our water reticulation systems are built to last long into the future.

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At Drainways, protecting the health of communities is what drives us in building sewerage systems. Our teams include several licensed drainlayers and a number of others currently completing their drain laying qualifications.

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Urban development drives a thriving economy but poses challenges when it comes to making the most of the land available.  Whether it’s subdividing a single residential lot or building a multi-lot subdivision, Drainways has the expertise to manage your project through to completion.

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Paving and stone offer a myriad of low maintenance options for adding the finishing touch to your outdoor spaces. Drainways can now offer a wealth of knowledge and capability in all things paving and hardscaping.

Recent Projects and Case Studies

From installing storm water drainage at the New Links Road Roundabout to replacing the sewer main on one of the busiest roads in Hastings, we’ve undertaken a variety of jobs with the highest levels of professionalism and workmanship.

See the results of our projects here.

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