/Sewage pipe services in Hawke’s Bay

Drainways is a Hawke’s Bay contractor that provides expert sewer pipe services. Work with a proven partner for your civil or commercial sewer pipe installation, replacement or repair.

Once problems below ground start affecting daily activities above, business establishments can suffer loss of income and a health hazard develops for people in vicinity.

The main causes of sewer line issues:

  • Normal wear and tear—Sewage pipes are constantly eroded by normal use. Strong caustic cleaners eat away at pipes even if they have some chemical resistance.
  • Clogs — Mains or other sewer lines could experience blockage from a variety of materials.
  • Tree roots — Large root growth from trees could damage nearby sewer lines.
  • Sudden changes in temperature — Extreme weather and rapid changes in temperature can affect sewage systems, causing burst pipes and accelerating normal wear and tear.


Drainways has decades of experience in solving sewage line problems. Whether it’s gravity mains, pumping mains, chambers or manholes, we have the solution to cover all your civil, commercial and industrial sewage pipe challenges.

For installation, replacement or repair of sewage pipes, send us a message through our contact page.

Sewage Pipe Services in Hawke’s Bay

Drainways has the expertise and equipment to work on any large or small sewage project. We are certified to conduct installations and replacements on:

  • Gravity mains
  • Pumping mains
  • Chambers
  • Manholes
  • Sumps
  • Wet and dry wells
  • Polyethylene Welding

Why Work With Drainways

When it comes to sewer line installation or replacement, you can rely on our team to get the job done as efficiently as possible. Work with us and you get a partner with:

  • Decades of expertise —We’ve been in business since 1976 and we’ve successfully undertaken all types of projects in the industry.
  • Great familiarity with relevant regulations —We are experts when it comes to navigating council regulations, as well as meeting commercial and industrial requirements. Our pass rate record for final inspections speaks for itself.
  • The latest test tools and innovations — When it comes to working on sewage systems, we apply the best tools and methods available to ensure structures last for decades.

Our History and Mission


As a Hawke’s Bay family-owned business that started in 1976, we hold to a bond of trust. We’ve always done exactly what we say we’ll do. That’s why we’ve been in business this long.

Our mission is to develop reliable water and drainage systems that last long into the future. We can guarantee:

Professional service

High calibre workmanship

Timely execution and delivery

We’re licensed and certified to work onpipe sizes ranging from 500mm to 20mm:

  • ISO 9001 for quality management systems and processes
  • Hastings District Council Complex A approved
  • Plumbers, Drainlayers and Gasfitters Board
  • National Certificate in Water Reticulation
  • Certificate of Confined Space and Gas Detection
  • Working at heights
  • Sitewise
  • Site safe
  • Electro Fusion and Butt Welding

Looking for highly skilled and experienced professionals that offer sewage pipe services in Hawkes Bay? Call us on 06 879 9423 or email us at admin@drainways.co.nz and receive a free, no obligation quote.

Drainways can take on any sewer line replacement or installation projects in Hawke’s Bay. We’ve worked with the following sectors:


Our longstanding partnerships with councils and bodies gives you a partner capable of navigating the various local council requirements and other public safety standards.

Industrial and Commercial

We’ve worked with subdivisions, housing developments, multi-storey buildings, factories and others to find solutions to their project. Our experience means you get the expertise that can spot opportunities for cost savings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much does it cost to replace or repair a sewer line?

Depending on the specific challenges and unique conditions around a sewer line, it typically costs anywhere from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands in NZD.

If you have a damaged sewer line nearby, please contact licensed professionals who will assess the extent of the damage and come up with an estimate of costs.

2. How do I know if the sewer line has to be replaced instead of repaired?

If upon inspection by a sewage line expert, cracks, holes or other forms of minor damage are found, pipe repairs are still possible. However, if there is extensive damage to a particular area, then the sewer line will need replacement.

3. Can sewage systems be maintained and monitored regularly for issues?

Yes. The entire sewage system is mapped out and each area and pipe already in place can be checked for any potential damage.

Clogging or blockage can be avoided through regular system flushing that ensures clear pipe flow. Soil conditions and tree roots can also be monitored in case there is sewage pooling.

4. What happens when tree roots infiltrate pipes?

They will continue expanding until the pressure breaks the pipe. In some cases, cracks will develop. In more serious scenarios, a total collapse happens and compromises the entire sewage system.

/Got a project in mind? Let our team here at Drainways help you get the job done with our sewer pipe installation and replacement service.


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